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Scenting your the function venue

The first impression, the service, the atmosphere... From receiving the guest at your entrance, guest will be rating the hotel ballroom / Venue. Especially when this people travel from another country to your place, they are looking for a comfortable and welcoming place to be invited or entertained.

Aroma Scenting creates that clean and fresh, it will create relaxing ambience where they feel warm and welcome. The feeling of comfort, welcome and relax is registered with the clients and guest, together with the luxury and professional services and they will be sharing that nice ambience and services at the function room / hall, with friends and family.

Power of Scent

Places and brand are enhanced through scent. Signature scent is developed to create your Corporate Identity and Signature of your unique business and services. Scent have been a key role in marketing.

About us

Party Planner - Having just Good Food isn't enough these days to keep guest entertained and occupied. Even a simple family gathering with decoration creates that Special Event even more memorable. We loved to see that smile and hear those laughter all through the night.

Started of as A buffet catering coming, meeting with the requirements and request from our client. We have setup The Party Planner Division.

Domain is like the shopfront of your business. You might be just starting a new business, with the actual shopfront you will need to thousands of dollars to dress up the place, stock-up the store...what's next? Wait for the first visitor to come. Have you consider before everything is moving, you might want to announce to the world the new business you have hatched.